Vent Haven Museum is the only museum of its kind in the world.  It houses more than 800 figures, thousands of photographs, playbills, letters, and an extensive library of vent-related books, some of which date back to the 1700’s. On June 30, 1973, Vent Haven Museum was officially opened to the public with the dedication of the W.S. Berger Memorial Building.  Ventriloquist legends Edgar Bergen and Jimmy Nelson performed for all who attended the ceremony. 

Today, more than a thousand people visit Vent Haven each year. The museum hosts an annual international ConVENTion, for more than 600 ventriloquists.  As a result of the foresightedness of W.S. Berger, Vent Haven is a permanent institution, open to the public and dedicated to the art of ventriloquism.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve the collection W.S. Berger created, to educate the public about the art of ventriloquism through tours each summer and through the international convention, as well as to continue collecting figures and memorabilia.


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