Alan Semok

Alan Semok is an actor, musician, historian, puppeteer, ventriloquist, teacher, and figuremaker.  In addition to appearances in film, television, and live theatre, he also teaches the art of ventriloquism and  serves as a consultant to the entertainment industry providing perspective and coaching for various projects which feature or in some way portray ventriloquism.   Along the way, he has provided personal instruction and coaching in the finer points of the ventriloquial and puppetry arts to Academy Award winners Adrien Brody and Kevin Spacey for their film portrayals.  Alan joined the VHM Advisory Board in 1978.  He is the recipient of the 1987 Ventriloquist of the Year award, and in 2007 was awarded an honorary Ph.D in Fine Arts from Buena Vista University in Iowa.   Known to some as “The Dummy Doctor”, Alan this summer marks his 47th year of figuremaking.

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