Gary Owen

In a unique combination of ventriloquism and stage hypnosis, Gary Owen is known as America’s only “HYPNO-VENT”. Delighting audiences for more than 40 years, Gary has been honored with international recognition as one of the most talented ventriloquists and stage hypnotists in America. Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Gary’s early childhood vent influences include the popular talents of Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Señor Wences, and Jimmy Nelson, of Nestle’ Quik fame.  As a ventriloquist, Gary has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and in Time magazine. He’s appeared in Branson, Missouri and toured the world on Norwegian, Celebrity and Holland America Cruise Lines.  When not on stage, Gary’s resonant tones serve him well as a professional voice talent for radio and television, theme parks, and as live announcer and emcee for conventions and awards programs.

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