J.S. “Brook” Brooking

John S. “Brook” Brooking has been connected to Vent Haven Museum in one capacity or another for most of his life. He began by attending shows as a spectator (starting as early as the 1973 Official Opening of the museum which included a show featuring Edgar Bergen and Jimmy Nelson on a flat bed truck at the end of W.S. Berger’s driveway); Brook then graduated to manning a building during the Saturday Convention tours and taking tickets at the door for the Saturday night shows; and eventually was appointed as a Director of the Museum in 1995 – in which capacity he has served ever since.  In 2006, when John R.S. Brooking passed away, Brook took over as president, and has since served in the dual capacity of president and legal counsel.   During his tenure, the museum has continued to grow and change, seeing Double Talk, the annual fundraiser show, come to fruition, and enjoying increased media attention through special projects like Matthew Rolston’s Talking Heads book, Ripley’s Believe or Not book, and a Mysteries at the Museum episode featuring the Will B. Wood figures. Brook has instituted a new leadership style by welcoming a team approach, and is most pleased with the synergy that now exists between the Museum and the ventriloquist community. During regular business hours, Brook is a practicing attorney in Ft. Wright, KY.

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