Vent Haven Museum gratefully acknowledges the 2015 donations of $100 or more:

  • G. Koepke, Snellville, GA
  • J. Venezio, Orlando, FL
  • B. Baxter, Covington, KY
  • B. Wilson, Independence, KY
  • B. Simon & M. Engesser, Los Angeles, CA
  • B. Baker, Covington, KY
  • M. Hellerstein, Denver, CO
  • B. May, St. Louis, MO
  • A. Hebel, Naples, FL
  • D. Spiner, Chicago, IL
  • B. Wylly, Liberty Townshp, OH
  • J.S. Brooking, Fort Wright, KY
  • B. & L. Sweasy, Fort Mitchell, KY
  • J. Dunham, Los Angeles, CA
  • T. Ladshaw, Covington, KY
  • J. Holbrook, Fort Mitchell, KY
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